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Thank You for considering 1Globe Web Hosting as your choice of hosting provider. 1Globe has been a leader in quality website hosting since 1996. Partnered with East Side Media as the web development solution 1Globe has been able to provide a solid hosting infrastructure and reliable website up-times associated with high quality hardware, software, and technical support. 1Globe specializes in finding solutions for companies looking seeking stability online. We excel in helping our clients become more confident and optimistic with an internet presence and our close management style lends to quick customer service and high satisfaction. 1Globe provides access to user friendly administration panels through any web browser. Giving companies the ability to manage their own e-mail accounts, FTP services, and web services all from one administration panel sets 1Globe apart from other companies.

1Globe web hosting service provides individuals, organizations and businesses with online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via the Web. 1Globe provides server space as well as internet connectivity, database systems, local & remote backup solutions, social networking services, content management systems and much more. 1Globe can also provide data center space and connectivity for 3rd party company web servers which can be located in our state of the art data center. Our servers employ a client friendly web interface that allows administrators and users to completely manage their own services; from web content to e-mail accounts, spam filters, virus detection, databases, and file transfer settings all are easily configured.

1Globe Service Plans are fully customizable with a full range of site services:
single domain name, 12 e-mail addresses
FTP, Site Usage Report
Single Domain, 25 e-mail addresses with spam filtering, FTP, Site Statistics and Usage Reports, Webmail, E-Commerce & 1 Database
Multiple domain, 50 e-mail addresses with spam and virus filtering, FTP, Site Statistics and Usage Reports, On-line File Management (Web-based file transfer) Webmail, E-Commerce & 3 Databases


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Four Levels of Management Control, Quick Start Tools, Basic and Advanced Customization, Virtual Private File System, Architecture, Scripting Support .NET-enabled and Native Windows Hosting, Language Support

• Server administrator, reseller, site owner, and end-user self-management tools.

• Quick Start Guides and context-sensitive Online Help Intuitive user interface and user-specific dashboards for most frequently requested information.

• Brand Identity – Upload individual logos to establish and strengthen your brand and your resellers’ brands.

• Easy Add-Ons – Integrate with complementary Ensim solutions, as well as third-party products.

• Deliver secure access control for a single site on a shared server.

• Limit an administrator to only view, access and modify data and resources that belong to his/her site.

• Prevent unauthorized users from seeing or accessing other customers’ data.

• Virtual Site Applications – Provide greater application control on a per-site basis, rather than per machine.

• Linux Only – Build new custom solutions with access to an extensive Command Line Interface (CLI).

• Windows Only – Host .NET-enabled services using the pre-installed and pre-integrated .NET framework.

• Linux Only – English, German, and Spanish interfaces available. Individual users may login to a single server, each using a different language.

• Windows Only – I18N Ready. Localization kits available.

Web Server, Development Tools, FTP Server , Mail Server, Site Statistics Usage Reports Online File Manager Database Management DNS Manager Quota Control E-Commerce Remote Access Online File Manager Backup and Restore

• Microsoft IIS Web Server, SSI, SSL, log files and CGI-BIN.

• Microsoft FrontPage, ColdFusion and scripting languages (Perl & PHP).

• Microsoft IIS FTP Server.

• Plug-in most popular mail servers or develop custom plug-ins with open mail API.

• Support aliases, autoresponders, forwarding, spam filters, mailing lists, POP3/IMAP servers, Web mail and mailbox quotas.

• Support file and log analysis, access to raw log files, or advanced usage analysis with Webalizer.

• Support advanced usage analysis using Urchin (requires additional third-party license)

• Provide detailed disk and bandwidth usage information.

• Support a graphical file editor, with upload, download and attributes managers.

• Support MSDE, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin (Web-based database administration)

• Automate DNS setup when creating a new site.

• Add and delete DNS entries.

• Support Export and Import of sites and users.

• Apache Web Server, SSI, SSL, log files, CGI-BIN and HTAccess.

• Meter multiple subdomains.

• Automate log file rotation

• Supports Microsoft FrontPage, scripting languages (Perl, Python and PHP) and JSP (TomCat).

• Support anonymous FTP for name- and IP-based domains.

• Support aliases, autoresponders and vacation messages, forwarding, spam filters, and mailing lists.

• POP3/IMAP servers, Web mail (Squirrel mail) and SMTP mail authorization.

• Support file and log analysis, access to raw log files, or advanced usage analysis with Webalizer.

• Provide detailed disk and bandwidth usage information.

• Support MySQL and PHPMyAdmin (Web-based database administration).

• Meter multiple MySQL databases.

• Automate DNS setup when creating a new site.

• Add and delete DNS entries Support for remote DNS servers and virtual DNS.

• Support allocations of disk, bandwidth, subdomains, databases and users.

• Support catalog and storefront management using Miva (requires additional third-party license)

• Support SSH, shell and Telnet.

• Support a graphical file editor, with upload, download and attributes managers.

• Support backup and restore for server, resellers, site owners and users.

• Schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups.